Using Scanners to Track Quest Activities

Quest activities can be completed in one of four ways:

1 - Attendee scans a QR code

2 - Attendee takes an action inside the app (i.e., completes a survey)

3 - Attendee gets scanned into a session

4 - Attendee gets scanned with a lead scanner

This document covers options 3 &4.

Session Scanners

Session Access Control devices (SAC) are frequently used to scan attendees into a room. They have a red/green access message and manage the room's capacity. Once scanned, the attendee's record is updated with a time-date stamp that shows they have attended.

When using a session scan inside Quest, Amego simply looks at the enrollment record in your EMS (Swoogo, etc) to see that this time-date field is populated. If there is a value, we mark the stop complete. Note that SAC devices can be used outside of sessions too, if desired. For example, you can make a 'session' called Photo Booth, and make going to the Photo Booth a stop in your game. As attendees come to the booth, you scan them, and we mark them as complete. SAC devices can be used for any activity, making them a very flexible game management tool.

Lead Scanners

Most exhibitors are equipped with another kind of scanner - a lead retrieval device. THese devices usually allow for custom questions and a used very specifically to collect leads. There are many vendors and lead retrieval solutions, so including this in your game may make it more complicated.

When possible, we recommend making sponsor stops using a QR code. If you can create a QR sign that attendees can scan at the booth (maybe even the signage ties into the game with the game logo?), then attendees will have an instant notification that they completed the stop.

If you want to use a lead retrieval device, please check with us first. We'll need to make sure that we are integrated to your lead retrieval solution so that your game can operate correctly. If we are, we'll check the attendee record to match it to the sponsor you set up in your game settings. Once they scan, we'll mark that stop complete.

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