Quest: Event Gamification in Amego

Quest is the name we've given to our fun, native gaming system within Amego. We've built a great gaming foundation and have plans to add more features here throughout 2024.

Quest 101

Quest is a game that allows attendees to view and complete a number (2-10) 'stops'. Each stop includes an action that you as the event organizer wishes the attendee to take during your event. As stops are completed by the attendee, we show a celebration and mark the stop as completed. When all stops are completed, we show the quest as completed, along with a 'you did it!' message.

Activity Tracking Options

There are three types of activity tracking:

  • Session Scanning: If your session scans update the 'attended' field for a session, you can choose this option. When an attendee is scanned, they will complete the stop. Be sure to contact us to make sure your scanning system and EMS have this integration in place.
  • QR codes: You can use (or any generator) to make QR codes. Just enter the text value of the QR code and when your attendees scan the QR, the stop will be completed.
  • In app: You can choose to have survey completions as a stop, and when the attendee completes a question in an Amego survey, the stop will be completed.

Setting Up Quest


  • Name: What do you want to call the quest? 'Quest' is just an Amego way of talking about it - you can name it anything you like.
    • Character count: 25
  • Logo: Create a PNG logo for the game, ideally something fun that includes the name.
    • Image specs: Any Size
  • Game Intro Text: Help attendees understand the value in playing the game with a simple description.
    • Character count: 100
  • Activities Call to Action: Explain how to play and win the game
    • Character count: 100
  • Prize Won Text: Show attendees what they will win when they complete all stops. We recommend against a game without prizes.
    • Character count: 100
    • Image specs: 512x512 Square, PNG
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Character count: 200
  • Audience: Who is allowed to participate in the game

Creating Activities

You can create 2-10 Quest activities/stops. Try to make it easy for an attendee to complete each stop, and try not to add to many stops. We recommend around 6 stops and only more if the additional stops are very easy to complete, like taking a survey. You'll need to have 2 images for each stop and have in mind how attendees can complete the stops, either by scan or in-app.

  • Activity Name: Show attendees to their next activity with a clear activity name
    • Character count: 25
  • Completion Instructions: Help attendees understand how to complete this specific activity
    • Character count: 150
  • Reward options:
    • Points: how many points does an attendee earn for completing the specific activity
    • Stop: completion of the activity unlocks the stop

Creating Prizes

  • Prize Name: Alert attendees of all potential prizes
    • Character count: 25
  • How to Win text: Explain to attendees what it takes to win this prize
    • Character count: 100
  • How to Earn:
    • Points/ Stop
    • How many Points/ Stops does it take to earn


To get your game going, you'll need the following creative assets:

  • Game logo: Fun representation of your game, shown on the intro screen
    • Image specs: Any size, PNG
  • Activities screen logo: could be the same as above, or maybe a variation, shown on the activities screen (PNG)
    • Image specs: 1080x1920, PNG
  • Activity images: an off version and an on version (completed) for each activity
    • Image specs: 512x512, PNG
  • Confetti icons: Form a celebration confetti after each stop or game completion
    • Notes: 5-10 optional SVGs; Color selection available from branding
  • Completion screen: a portrait image used to celebrate the game being completed by the attendee
    • Specs: 1080x1920, PNG or GIF

Onsite Game Metrics

For each game, we show the following metrics:

  • Quests started
  • Quest stops completed
  • Quest overall completed

Note we do not collect quest stats for individual attendees.

If you'd like Quest completions to power a gift redemption solution, like a scanner, please let us know.

Quest Roadmap

We have a number of enhancements coming to Quest:

  • Leaderboards using points instead of stops
  • More in app tracking options: adding items to your agenda, networking, booking meetings, etc.
  • More dynamic and fun game play
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