Swoogo Merge Fields

Guide - Using App Merge Fields in Swoogo Connected Events

Amego has a few fields that come over from Swoogo which are helpful when used in the app.  If you add these into Home > Screens > Header you can have something like Welcome, {{firstName}} and it will show Welcome, Jane.  You can also add these to a url so https://foo.com/attendee&email={{email}} will become https://foo.com/attendee&email=attendee@gmail.com. 

Always test before using these in production.

Attendee first name: {{firstName}} or {{first_name}} 

Attendee last name: {{lastName}} or {{last_name}} 

Attendee email: {{email}} 

Swoogo reg_id: {{external_id}} 

Swoogo secure_id: {{ca.secure_id}} 

Swoogo reg_type_id: {{ca.reg_type_id}}

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