Guidelines to Share With Designers

Amego is designed to provide a platform that up-levels the design of digital elements for events. Our platform includes branded mobile experiences and websites that can be customized in real time to reflect your brand preferences. Using the elements outlined in this guide, you can quickly and easily create an app or website that matches your brand.

You can see some aspects of this branding below, but the best way is to dive in and begin customizing your own app in the Amego CMS.

This is a quick link and spec list to other resources that will help designers see what is needed to create the ideal mobile experience for your app:

Design: Logos

Design: Colors

Design: Fonts

Design: Styles


Home Header

The top of the home screen can have an image to help you establish the event brand. You can set this image in Screens > Home > Header. Image size: 1280x720. You can also set this image to be a smaller height, and it can even be just a small color bar or shadow, if you wish.

Event Picker Header

The top of the event picker should have an image to help you establish the corporate brand. You can set this image in Top Right Menu > Your Events > Event Picker. Image size: 1280x720.

Event Highlights

Individual event highlights should have an image that ties into the highlight. You can set this image in Screens > Home > Select Content > Highlights. Image size: 1280x720.

Standard Session Images

Each session should have an image that can either be unique per session (ideal) or common across all sessions. You can set this image in Content > Sessions. Image size: 1280x720. To add a global image, go to Settings > Content > Images.

Standard Speaker Images

Standard speaker images are 512x512 and should be high resolution.

Standard Sponsor Images

Standard sponsor images are their logo in high resolution, and will be resized to fit. Please include minimal empty space around the logo for best results. If your logos are too small, they have too much extra space around them. If you see variation in logos, it's caused by variation in the space around the logo.

App Icon

High resolution PNG, 1024x1024, is required. This PNG cannot have any transparency. Note that changing this image requires a new app build/review/launch.

Image Formats

We recommend PNG for logos and icons, and WEBP whenever possible for all 1280x720 images. These images are smaller and will result in the best for attendees. For speakers and sponsors, we support PNG or JPG orWEBP.


Maps Screen

The maps screen is a standalone screen that allows you to show high resolution campus or building maps. These images can be pinched and zoomed. To ensure the best quality, we only accept PDF file types.

Session Maps

Each session can have a room map added in Content > Sessions. These should have a 2:1 aspect ratio and can use any of the formats shown.

Navigation Icons

Navigation icons can be customized. To change these, go to Screens > Navigation and click the pencil icon for the screen you want to customize. On that screen that follows, you can add active and inactive state icons with a transparent background in a SVG file type.

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