Managing Polls for Sessions

Polls are lightweight ways to gauge attendee opinions in a way that can be shared publicly, either in the app or on a web view. Poll results are not exportable and not intended for serious downstream analysis - use Surveys if you want something like that.

Poll Setup

To create a Poll, go to Notifications > Polls. You can easily create a poll and have it ready to add to sessions.

Step 1: Create the Poll

Setting Purpose
Name Give your poll a name - this is not shown to attendees.
Session Timing Decide when you want your poll to publish. Immediately means now, so you can gather feedback well in advance of a session. The other times are based on the start time of the session you'll choose in Step 2.
Question What is the question for your poll?
New Option List your options by clicking New Option for each new possible answer.
Reorder Click Reorder to change the display order of your Poll answers.

Step 2: Add the Poll to a session(s)

Go to Content > Sessions > Attributes to add a Poll to a session. You can only add one Poll per session.

If you want your Poll to be mobile only, you're all set! Your Poll will show on a Poll tab in the session, and you can take the Poll or see its results by tapping that tab. The Poll results will show in your brand color.

Step 3: Generate a Results URL (only needed if you want to view results on web)

To show a Poll to attendees via the web (say, for a big screen presentation), you'll want to generate a results URL. Just head back to the main Polls list in Notifications, and click the Generate Results Url button, and you'll see a session picker:

Pick the session for which you want to display the Poll results via web, and select a timing that is within the time range that you want the URL to be active (i.e., before the end of your event) and click Generate. Then, copy the resulting URL:

Viewing Results

Just paste the URL into your browser and you will see a Word Cloud and the Question Responses. This web page will be rendered using your logo from Design and your primary brand color. The page will update every few seconds automatically.

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